Learn what some of your fellow member-owners think about your electric cooperative.

LREC member Rhonda Brasington is interviewed

Rhonda Brasington

I've got Rivernet now, and I love it. It's so much better. ... I feel that I'm a member, I'm not a number. I really feel like they care about their co-op members and whatever goes on.

LREC members MIldred Ratliff and Mary Louise Moore are interviewed

Mildred Ratliff & Mary Louise Moore

I had a problem with the lines and they came and corrected that. Anything I need, I call, they send somebody round. We get good service from them.

LREC member Mike Graves is interviewed

Mike Graves

You call them, and then within a short period of time, your power is back on. So really, they're very dependable, You don't have to worry about anything with them.

LREC members Lynn Reeves and Peggy Bowers are interviewed

Lynn Reeves & Peggy Bowers

I really love Lynches River, as far as service and great people that you deal with. I think they're excellent. I've had some good experiences. Courteous professionals.

LREC member Sue Townsend is interviewed

Lynn Townsend

I love the service. When I see what they do so much in the community, giving children an opportunity to go and win scholarships and everything, I think that's awesome.

LREC member Jo Hegler is interviewed

Jo Hegler

They're very quick in getting your power restored, and then you see posts about how long, what's going on. They keep you updated. The office over here is very friendly. 

LREC member Bob Rollings is interviewed

Bob Rollings

The co-op is always responsive, and we just appreciate them. We think that's a feature that is exclusive to the co-ops, and we feel like that gives you a voice. We love the co-op.

LREC member Michael Johnson is interviewed

Michael Johnson

If we lose power for a long period, they do something to supply power. We're on concentrators that make oxygen, and they can only run with power, so we have to have power.

LREC member Pamela Jones is interviewed

Pamela Jones

Lynches River, their employees, they have really been a great help to me, my summer camp, to our families in the community. I really appreciate the service that they provide for us.

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